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Teardown is not a conventional game by the usual standards—it represents a hybrid of a sandbox, puzzle, and action-adventure styles similar to what you might find in a game such as Minecraft. In Teardown, participants assume the persona of a thief embarking on a mission to accumulate cash to settle a financial obligation.


In Teardown, players are assigned various tasks that they aim to complete as efficiently as possible. There are no strict time constraints for missions; however, failure to achieve a task signifies mission failure. Being detected by security cameras triggers alarms, putting time pressure on the player to accomplish their mission objectives sooner. Players have the ability to shoot, demolish, or steal objects, as well as utilize tools to construct pathways or barriers. Vehicles are also available to facilitate transportation. The game's structure revolves around missions that are filled with goals that players should aim to fulfill within a minute-long window. Outside of this critical period, players have an unrestricted setup phase where they can strategize and manipulate the environment to craft an optimal route to accomplish their objectives rapidly and efficiently.


Teardown employs voxel-based graphics that are intentionally low-resolution, consisting of square-shaped models. The game world made up of voxels—block-like units—provides a unique aesthetic where everything can be shaped or destroyed according to the
gamer's actions or needs, and different types of voxels can offer various interactions.


  • Graphics and Sound 8.0

  • Controls 9.0

  • Gameplay 9.0

  • Lasting Appeal 9.0

Players have the opportunity to replay missions to improve their performance or to enjoy custom challenges. Additionally, a sandbox mode is offered, which allows players to freely experiment without the limitations imposed by missions.


Although Teardown's voxel graphics are simple and might not attract every player, the game provides an engaging open-world environment and unique gameplay that promote strategic planning and inventive problem-solving. While it poses a challenge and may experience glitches or crashes, the game's unique mechanics and exploration opportunities are standout features. The product exhibits some deficiencies, including the aforementioned technical issues and a steep learning curve, which could pose difficulties for some users. Based on its innovative approach and the engaging player experience it offers, Teardown receives a score of 7.5 out of 10.

  • Is very interesting and intriguing;
  • The player is able to explore the open world;
  • The game has a low resolution, which makes it more immersive;
  • Is challenging, but the difficulty can be adjusted;
  • Has no time limit;
  • Has a level editor;
  • The game is fun;
  • The graphics are very pixelated;
  • The gameplay is repetitive;
  • Is difficult;
  • The levels are sometimes too difficult;
  • The game crashes a lot;
  • The game is too expensive;
  • The controls are not very intuitive;

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