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If you want a virtual airsoft game to shoot each other team versus team, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the first option and the game of choice for many FPV action fans. It’s a classical multiplayer action, with random or custom teaming, constant progress, and great visuals (despite the first release in 2012).

The idea is simple. Basically, there are two teams – one for terrorists, one for special forces. There is little difference: as a Terrorist, you may need to plant the bomb one of your party keeps, or not let the hostages go. As a Special Forces fighter, you will have to defuse a bomb, to free the hostages. There are various maps to play on, and various tactics you can use, let alone weapons.

There are other modes: Deathmatch, Arms Race, Demolition, or others. Two of them are worth a special mention. The Flying Scotsman offers you a low-gravity physical change, while the weapons any player has, include only an SSG 08 and a knife. Danger Zone, introduced in 2018, is, in fact, a Battle Royale game in decorations of Counter-Strike.

Customize your controls the way you want. FPSs are considered better with a keyboard-and-mouse setup, if available, but if you feel better on a gamepad, you can use it with your PC. The game offers almost infinite options for control customization. Adjust it so your hands feel it as right.

You are also responsible for upgrading your weapons in the game. The better you play, the more money you earn, and then spend it on upgrading your weapons, armor, and other attributes. Of course, you can just purchase in-game currency for a real one. It becomes necessary on higher levels, as it’s impossible to get there well equipped without investments.

On the other hand, the game can pay if you go for it professionally. Despite being a discipline in esports, it remains highly popular, with its tournaments featuring substantial prize pools. Streams are watched by millions, and even more players join in. Counter-Strike is a big business now! No wonder it attracts cheaters of all trades that generate bots to assist them in their upgrade. Exercise caution, as you may encounter instigators, intimidators, politically motivated conversationalists, and players without inhibition. However, there's a unique kind of enjoyment in meting out consequences to them..

You can download the game at no cost on both the latest and earlier models of well-known gaming consoles. Its cybersport status will probably motivate Valve to make CS: GO for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Project Scarlett. Thus, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may become one of the longest megahits in the industry. Of course, it’s also available for Windows, OS X and even Linux.


  • Graphics and Sound 10.0

  • Controls 10.0

  • Gameplay 10.0

  • Lasting Appeal 10.0

  • Immersive first-person 3D action;
  • Variety in everything, from weapons to controls and game modes;
  • Memetic value, from “terrorists win” and on;
  • Lots of players constantly online;
  • Cybersport status.
  • No anti-cheat system;
  • The game never got rid of bugs.

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