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My Talking Pet is the #1 hit application. You can bring photos of your pet to life, make them speak realistically, and share it on Facebook or as a special greeting to your family and friends. You can use it free of charge during the limited time to understand whether you want to pay its price and get on your device at your unrestricted disposal. 

Interface: 10/10

You will find a user-friendly uncluttered interface with smooth running and a clean layout. 

Features: 10/10

This application allows you to animate your favorite or any other pets. You should take their pictures, record voice, and turn those elements into an animated image. There is a comprehensive, integrated editor WOBA Media providing attractive features that make this app a real entertainment. If you do not have your own pet, you can go to the library and find plenty of animals there. Choose any you like as well as you can take any of the pre-recorded clips suggested by the app. You are offered to change voices making them cute. Then it is possible to decorate a pet by adding glasses, hats, and more.

When everything is ready, you can use it as a digital personal assistant for your device. They can forecast the weather, read news headlines, and remind of any event you plan to attend. iMessage is integrated, allowing you to send a message made by your digital talking friend. And what else? You can create memes, adding any text to those pictures. 

Usability: 8/10

This app is simple to use. The tutorial content is limited, but a short instructional video is provided for guidance. Little kids can face difficulties with some demanding controls and can ask for help to start, especially when they want to take their own photos. Still, an adult person is able to cope with all features and share the output on sharing websites.

The current version of the application is available at a reasonable price, but you can purchase a more expensive pro app and get additional features enhancing your experience. It supports a lot of languages, including Russian, Simplified, and Traditional Chinese. It does not contain ads or external content. Review the privacy policy to ascertain the type of data that the app accumulates and distributes.

Compatibility: 9/10

Compatibility is rather high. It cannot be used on the old devices with an outdated operating system requiring iOS and Android of the latest versions. 


  • Interface 10.0

  • Features 10.0

  • Usability 8.0

  • Compatibility 9.0

My talking pet provides absolutely positive feedback and pure amusement. You will laugh at the videos and pictures of your four-legged friend or bird living with you. Enjoy advanced animation when a pet looks around in 3D format. Show the result of your efforts to your family and friends to have real fun!

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