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Focus Plant - Pomodoro Forest is a streamlined time management app that assists users in enhancing concentration by partitioning work into concise, regimented segments. The application features a sleek, minimalist design that simplifies use by stripping away unnecessary elements, fostering an appealing space that boosts efficiency.

Featuring practical tools such as a Pomodoro-style timer, an organizational task list, and a visual progress display, the app turns daunting tasks into 25-minute blocks of focused activity, punctuated by short breaks. Essential elements include the timer for work intervals, the task list for organizing duties, and the progress bar for tangible evidence of work done.


The user-friendly design of Focus Plant - Pomodoro Forest centers around a prominent timer control on the home screen, complemented by a top menu bar for navigational ease. Easily accessible options include adding new tasks, reviewing completed work in the progress tracker, and customizing preferences in the settings.

Activation and pausing of the central timer are straightforward, while the progress tracker offers a comprehensive view of tasks completed alongside the time invested in each.

The layout is broken down into three task states: to-do, in-progress, and completed, enhancing task management. The progress bar serves as a daily progress indicator and tracks the remaining time for the current activity.


The core of Focus Plant - Pomodoro Forest lies in its timer functionality, facilitating work in targeted intervals to foster sustained attention and productivity.

In addition to the timer, the app provides a task list to manage pending activities and a progress tracker to review completed items, including time allocation details.

The application also introduces a calendar view, enabling users to observe their productivity patterns over extended periods.


This application functions seamlessly across different operating systems, including both Mac and Windows. It's available for complimentary download on both the App Stores. Initiating or halting the timer is a breeze, and the progress tracker clearly displays all finished tasks along with their respective durations.

The interface design promotes easy navigation, while the task list's clear presentation and the straightforward progress bar visualization aid in managing workload. A calendar view provides an at-a-glance perspective of long-term progress.


This application operates seamlessly on both Mac and Windows platforms and is available for complimentary download from their respective app stores. Additionally, it offers compatibility with popular web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.


  • Interface 8.0

  • Features 9.0

  • Usability 8.0

  • Compatibility 9.0

Focus Plant - Pomodoro Forest is an effective time management tool that offers a rewarding method to break down work into manageable intervals. It pairs a clean, no-frills interface with valuable features like a Pomodoro timer, a task organizer, and a progress monitor to aid users in maintaining focus and tracking productivity.

The application shines in its ease of use and practicality as a time management resource. Its timer is particularly useful in fostering the discipline to tackle tasks in short, focused bursts, while the task list and progress indicators keep users informed of their accomplishments.

  • Helps to break up the monotony of work;
  • Can be customized to fit the user's needs;
  • Aids in productivity by providing a visual cue to focus on;
  • Helps you focus by providing a simple, distraction-free interface;
  • Tracks your time and provides reports to help you improve your productivity;
  • Limited functionality compared to other productivity applications;

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