Xbox Game Pass April Finale: "Have a Nice Death" Spices Up the Library

Ethan James 25 Apr 2024

April has been a whirlwind month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, with a plethora of big names and sleeper hits making their way into the lineup. But as the month draws to a close, there's one more title sneaking onto the platform that deserves your attention. "Have a Nice Death," a game that combines action, rogue-like elements, and a unique art style, is set to diversify the Xbox Game Pass offerings even further when it launches on April 30. If you've been craving something different, this might just be the ticket.

"Have a Nice Death" throws players into the cloak of Death himself, running the gauntlet of his own creation, Death Inc. This isn't your typical corporate ladder, though. Here, the rungs are made of challenges and adversaries reluctant to move on to the afterlife. As you progress, you'll gather resources to beef up your arsenal and skills, making each run a fresh dive into the quirky, darkly comical world that Magic Design Studios has crafted. It's a game that promises depth and replayability, wrapped up in a visual style that's as captivating as its gameplay.

What sets "Have a Nice Death" apart in the crowded roguelike scene isn't just its premise or aesthetics, though. The game’s combat system shines, offering a fluid, responsive experience that encourages experimentation. Early access players have been instrumental in shaping its development, leading to a game that feels polished and refined. With each run, players unlock new abilities and weapons, ensuring that no two adventures through Death Inc. are the same.

This game caps off a month that's seen titles like "Star Wars Jedi: Survivor" and "Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition" join the Game Pass ranks. But as we say hello to "Have a Nice Death," we must also bid farewell to several games leaving the service at the end of April, including "7 Days to Die" and "Loot River." If you've been putting off trying these out, now's your chance before they shuffle off the Game Pass coil.

"Have a Nice Death" could very well be the sleeper hit of April, offering Xbox Game Pass subscribers a refreshing blend of action, strategy, and dark humor. If you're looking for something that breaks the mold of the typical roguelike, or just want to cap off the month with a bang, this title is worth diving into. Who knew guiding souls to the afterlife could be so much fun?


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