Whispers Circulate: Zelda May Emerge as the Courageous Lead in an Upcoming Legend

Ethan James 13 May 2024

While Link has been the iconic protagonist of the Zelda series, fans have long yearned for a fresh perspective where the eponymous Princess Zelda takes center stage as the main playable character. According to YouTuber PapaGenos, this dream might soon become a reality.

In a cryptic post on Twitter/X, the content creator hinted at a potential Zelda-centric adventure, stating, "Tears of the Kingdom had a great Zelda design. I think we are severely overdue for a game where Zelda is the main character. Seems to me a Hyrule adventure like that is something fans want. Now's the time."

The seemingly odd capitalization in the post spells out "This is a hint," suggesting that PapaGenos may have insider knowledge about an upcoming game featuring Zelda as the playable protagonist. While the details remain shrouded in mystery, this tantalizing tease has ignited speculation among fans, who have long desired to explore the iconic Hyrulian realm from Zelda's perspective.

If these rumors hold true, the next iteration in the beloved series could potentially grace the successor to the Nintendo Switch, offering a fresh and long-awaited take on the franchise's narrative and gameplay dynamics.


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