Sky and NOW UK to Release Anticipated Walking Dead Spin-Off: The Ones Who Live

Grace Edwards 12 May 2024

A highly anticipated Walking Dead offshoot with an impressive score on Rotten Tomatoes is set to premiere in the UK shortly. UK fans are set to immerse themselves in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. This particular series, spotlighting Rick Grimes and Michonne, garnered significant acclaim after its initial broadcast in the States – boasting a remarkable 88% approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Walking Dead has secured a broadcasting slot on Sky and NOW in the UK, with The Ones Who Live’s entire series dropping on May 31. Additionally, the complete original series is scheduled for release on May 19, which is perfectly timed for fans to catch up before the new spin-off airs. Furthermore, the releases for Daryl Dixon and Dead City are also on the horizon for 2024 on Sky and NOW. The first season of Daryl Dixon will be available in August, with its second season and the premiere season of Dead City following later in the year and the next season in 2025, respectively.

This development is thrilling for UK audiences who have been waiting eagerly for more of the much-loved zombie series. There is no confirmation on a second season for The Ones Who Live, although the future holds potential twists and turns. “It’s certainly going somewhere,” shared showrunner Scott M. Gimple with Entertainment Weekly, hinting at personal projects or perhaps more official developments in the future, though only his personal projects are currently in motion. Fans are keeping their fingers crossed that these narratives will eventually find their way to the screen.

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