Sega Puts a Pause on Miniature Console Releases: No New Mini Systems Expected This Year

Ethan James 04 Jun 2024

This year, we will not see the release of an additional miniature gaming console from Sega.

While Nintendo may have initiated the craze for miniature versions of classic gaming systems, Sega has arguably outdone them with the highly praised Mega Drive Mini II. This gaming system, launched in an, unfortunately, limited release two years ago, has left enthusiasts craving additional units.

The anticipation is high for Sega to extend its production and possibly introduce miniature versions of the Saturn and the much-loved Dreamcast. Although it's anticipated that these consoles will arrive with notably distinct specifications in terms of performance and storage, their arrival isn't expected to occur shortly.

Yosuke Okunari, a revered figure at Sega, shared on X that there are no plans to unveil new miniature consoles this year, a statement which was translated by Bing.

A reminder from Time Extension pointed out that Sega had once conducted a survey to determine the public's next desired mini console, with Saturn emerging as the top choice. However, Sega's Yukio Sagano has expressed concerns over the technical challenges involved, stating, "The Sega Saturn showcases surprisingly advanced performance, rendering its miniaturization a significant challenge."

In conclusion, it appears that fans will have to maintain their patience. Would the launch of a mini-Saturn pique your interest?

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