Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Expected Release Before April 2025, Gameplay Reveal This Summer

Grace Edwards 08 May 2024

It's anticipated that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will launch sometime before April 2025, with its gameplay debut expected in the coming summer.

Reports suggest that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf could hit the shelves prior to the close of March 31, 2025.

At the outset of the week, EA disclosed its line-up for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2025, including its regular releases such as Madden and EA FC. Additionally, EA announced plans to launch two yet-to-be-named titles within the current fiscal timeframe.

Eurogamer has identified one of the enigmatic titles as Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, the eagerly awaited successor to the 2014 hit, Dragon Age: Inquisition. According to Eurogamer, fans can expect a comprehensive introduction to Dreadwolf later this summer, confirming EA and BioWare's previous announcements last year.

The development of Dreadwolf has encountered several postponements within BioWare recently. In 2021, it was decided to remove multiplayer components after the shutdown of Anthem, transforming Dreadwolf into a purely single-player experience akin to its predecessors. Moreover, a different source suggested an initial target for Dreadwolf's launch was set for 2023.

These postponements have indirectly affected the progression of Mass Effect 5, with BioWare channeling its efforts on finalizing the RPG sequel before focusing on the anticipated space exploration RPG. The development status of Mass Effect 5 within BioWare, under EA's supervision, remains somewhat ambiguous at this point.

In a disheartening move last year, EA terminated 50 BioWare employees in August, followed by the layoff of all BioWare’s unionized QA staff in October.

For those looking forward to new releases, our guide to the exciting upcoming 2024 games offers a way to count down the days until Dreadwolf's arrival.

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