Mastering Combat in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - A Strategic Guide to Victory

Liam Alexander 11 May 2024

In the dynamic world of "Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth", players venture from the gritty streets of Yokohama to the scenic vistas of Honolulu, armed with more than just brute strength. This latest installment in the series pivots from the raw action of its forebears, embracing a turn-based RPG framework that challenges players to think tactically. With fresh mechanics and strategic elements at play, veterans and newcomers alike are invited to refine their approach to combat. This guide offers essential tips to mastering the battlefield, from positioning your characters to capitalizing on elemental weaknesses.

New Strategic Dimensions

One of the most pivotal changes "Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth" introduces is the ability to manually position your characters within the combat area. This fresh mechanic breaks away from the rigidity of its predecessor, offering players a canvas on which to paint their tactical masterstrokes. By judiciously moving your fighters, you can amplify melee attack effectiveness, strike enemies from behind for bonuses, and even engineer advantageous knockback effects to turn the tide of battle.

Mastering the Environment

Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Now, more than ever, the environment serves a dual purpose: it is both the field of conflict and an instrument used within it. Clever positioning allows characters to utilize objects in their surroundings as improvised tools of destruction. Close proximity to items like chairs or tables triggers the opportunity to launch devastating melee attacks, turning the tide of combat with every strike.

Combat Dynamics

Despite the turn-based nature of its combat, "Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth" requires constant vigilance. Active participation during enemy attacks through timely button presses can mitigate damage, while precision in executing quick-time events enhances your offensive capabilities. Furthermore, the importance of timing in taking your turns cannot be overstated, as acting quickly against a downed foe can deal crippling damage.

Elemental Advantages and Status Effects

Dragon: Infinite Wealth

As players delve deeper into the game, they unlock a variety of skills and weapons, some of which harness the power of natural elements to deal damage. It becomes essential for players to recognize and leverage weaknesses in their foes' defenses against specific elements to secure an advantage. Moreover, tactically deploying attacks that cause ongoing status ailments like bleeding or burning can gradually erode the strength of even the toughest enemies across successive turns.

Breaking Enemy Defenses

Encountering enemies that block your attacks is inevitable, yet overcoming this obstacle is straightforward with the right approach. Employing throw attacks can shatter an enemy's defense, opening them up to a barrage of hits. Each character's unique capabilities, including Kiryu's versatile fighting styles, are essential tools in breaching these defenses.

Unleashing Combo Attacks

Dragon: Infinite Wealth

The synergy between party members is essential for unlocking devastating Combo Attacks. Building up the Hype Meter through consistent damage allows for the execution of powerful double-team maneuvers, provided there's a strong bond between the characters involved. This mechanic adds depth to combat and emphasizes the importance of character relationship dynamics.

Calling in the Cavalry

The controversially named Poundmates make a return in "Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth", serving as potent, albeit costly, battlefield reinforcements. Although relying on them too frequently can deplete your resources, they prove invaluable in turning the tables during challenging encounters.

The Job System

The depth of character customization and specialization is enhanced by the game's intricate job system, influencing everything from battle functions to available equipment. While characters begin with a standard job, exploring different roles may reveal powerful and surprising tactics. Ultimately, "Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth" delivers a sophisticated mix of strategy, character evolution, and dynamic gameplay. With the guidance provided in this guidebook, players are well-equipped to chart their course to victory and prosperity. Now available on multiple platforms, the game invites all adventurers to test their skills in this vast role-playing journey.

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