Genshin Impact 4.4 Update Guide: New Characters, Lantern Rite, and Exciting Events Unveiled

Liam Alexander 21 May 2024

Diving into the colorful and ever-expanding world of Genshin Impact, the latest 4.4 update, titled "Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze," brings a fresh wave of excitement and adventure. This update not only introduces new characters to the roster but also marks the return of the much-anticipated Lantern Rite festivities. Players can look forward to engaging in new time-limited events, making strategic wishes on updated Banners, and enjoying the selection of a free 4-Star character from the Lantern Rite event. Furthermore, the acquisition of free Primogems has been made easier through the Genshin Impact codes page, enhancing the gaming experience by unlocking new characters and weapons.

Release Date and Time

The much-awaited 4.4 update of Genshin Impact is set to go live on Wednesday, 31st January, adhering to the standard maintenance schedule. The update will launch at 3am (GMT), with the United States audience getting access on Tuesday, 30th January, at 7pm (PT). Depending on your time zone, the actual playtime might slightly vary around these schedules. Past updates have shown the timing estimates to be quite accurate, providing a reliable guide for players worldwide.

New Characters and Banners

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Version 4.4 welcomes the debut of Xianyun, a 5-Star character from the Anemo element, and Gaming, a new 4-Star character, alongside three 5-Star Banner reruns. The introduction of these characters adds depth and variety to the game's rich character pool. Phase 1 commences with Xianyun's "The Crane Soars Skyward Banner" and returns with Dendro 5-Star Nahida's "The Moongrass' Enlightenment Banner," both featuring the new Pyro 4-Star character, Gaming. These Banners will be available from the release date until 21st February, ensuring players have ample time to make their wishes.

Subsequent Phases

Following the initial phase, Phase 2 introduces the rerun Banners of Anemo 5-Star Xiao and Electro 5-Star Yae Miko. These Banners, showcasing Xiao's "Invitation to Mundane Life Banner" and Yae Miko's "Everbloom Violet Banner," span from 21st February until 12th March. This scheduling provides a seamless transition into the anticipated 4.5 update, enabling players to strategize their Primogem spending across the different phases.

Events and Activities

The Lantern Rite festival makes its glorious return in version 4.4, this year themed around traditional Liyue kites and Fontaine's innovative floating technology. Players can immerse themselves in mini-games like "Paper-Shadows A-Forging," "Joyful Beasts and Their Auspices," and "Iridescent Cloud-Striding," each offering unique challenges and rewards. A highlight of the Lantern Rite event is the opportunity to select a free 4-Star Liyue character, including the new character, Gaming, enhancing the festive spirit.

Lantern Rite and Beyond

Beyond the Lantern Rite, version 4.4 enriches the Genshin Impact universe with other engaging events. "Receiver of Friends From Afar" tests cooking and plating skills, while "Journey Through Hilinigmatic Terrain" introduces a strategic element of control transfer among Hilichurls and Slimes for investigative purposes. Additionally, "Triumphant Frenzy" challenges players across combat rounds, encouraging the use of trial characters and strategic use of Resolve stacks for special effects. In summary, the Genshin Impact 4.4 update, "Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze," brings an array of new characters, updated Banners, and the much-anticipated return of the Lantern Rite event. Alongside engaging time-limited events and activities, version 4.4 promises a rich and vibrant experience. Whether you're strategizing your next Banner wish, participating in the Lantern Rite festivities, or exploring new events, the update offers something for every adventurer in the world of Teyvat. Prepare to embark on this new journey filled with excitement, challenges, and bountiful rewards.

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