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Hangouts is a free application providing you with the ability to communicate with people all over the world, making voice, video calls, and messaging. It is quickly downloaded and used without the need in any tutorial being considered as the best messaging app of 2014. Up to now, it has not lost its position. Try it for individual and group conversations.

Interface: 10/10

The Home page of Hangouts is completely comprehensive with a pop-up menu in the top left corner and controls located at the bottom. Nice green design is eye pleasing. 

Features: 10/10

You can communicate with your friends, family, and any of your contacts at distance using Hangouts. First, you are expected to install this application. It will take a couple of minutes to get it ready. You'll readily discover ways to stay connected with friends who you're unable to visit regularly in your immediate vicinity. In addition to the option allowing you to call to anyone from your Hangouts contacts, you are allowed to dial any number but in the first case calling is frees and in the second case you are expected to pay in accordance with provider’s prices established for such service.

You have the ability to engage in communication with a single person as well as with a group that includes as many as 150 individuals. Messaging can be added with emoji, status, stickers, and GIFs. It is possible to attach photos and video content to conversations. Shared pictures and other files are automatically uploaded into album saved within Google+. If you prefer video calls, you are welcome, though a number of participators is restricted with ten persons at a time. Also, SMS texting and voicemail integration are possible. You are allowed to send a message even when your contact is offline. 

Usability: 10/10

User with any skill will be able to cope with this app and benefit from all available features. Ring and tones can be customized. It is easy to set any audio for particular contacts. Use Google Hangouts as a stunning efficient tool for smooth watching of any video simultaneously with several contacts due to YouTube integration.

Moreover, when the video is over, you are suggested to discuss it tapping the “Push to talk” button. You can view chat histories which are saved online. All that content can be synced between devices. 

Compatibility: 10/10

This application supports a range of devices and operating systems, necessitating appropriate OS versions depending on the device utilized.


  • Interface 10.0

  • Features 10.0

  • Usability 10.0

  • Compatibility 10.0

Google Hangouts allows you to perform a video chat with your contacts using multiple functions improving the user experience. You will definitely appreciate easy navigation across a user-friendly interface and smooth operation of the app. Though you can find information about not perfect security, still the software provides protected communication.


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